How to add a GIF to an Email in Kajabi

Learn how to add GIFs to emails within an Email Broadcast or Email Sequence.

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How to create and add GIFs to Emails within Kajabi

How to Create a GIF from an MP4 file

If you've never created a GIF before and want to know how, it might be so much easier than you think

Here's how:

  • Visit the EZ GIF website
  • Choose "Video to Gif" in the top menu bar
  • Select the video you would like to convert into a GIF
  • Choose Upload
  • Select Convert to GIF
  • Scroll down to see the GIF you have created!


How to Optimize the Size of your GIF to use in an Email

  • Begin with the GIF you have just created or upload the GIF to EZ GIF
  • Choose Optimize
  • Remove frames until the GIF is small enough to use in an email (usually around 3-6 MiB)
  • Attach to your email simply by selecting Attachment and uploading like any other attachement

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