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What is Lightning Loader?

Lightning Loader is a new technology added in Kajabi to improve your website loading times and overall site performance to create the best possible experience for your visitors.

What is loading time and why is it important?

Loading time is the amount of time it takes for a website to become functional. An instantaneous loading-time is essential to giving your users a great experience. Let's be real, the only time you notice loading time is when a site is taking way too long to load.

The more complex and rich your site is the more impact this may have on your loading time.


Lets pretend you have caching enabled for your homepage.

  • Lisa is the first visitor to your homepage. Lisa will experience regular loading speeds when accessing your homepage for the first time.
  • Simon, the next visitor to your homepage, will experience significantly faster load time when accessing your homepage because Lisa contributed to building the memory of your homepage with her first visit.

How does it work?

Cache rendering speeds up your page loading time by storing a copy of your data closer to the application. Therefore, a page that has caching loads much faster than a page without it.

Toggling on Lightning Loader for your website pages and landing pages will enable caching.

Who can add it to their Kajabi site?

Lightning Loader can be used by any customer with any Kajabi plan. Simply toggle on Lightning Loader for your Website and Landing Pages in your Settings tab.

While caching is an improvement for performance on almost all of your Website and Landing pages, there are certain cases where you may experience issues. With any improvement we want to make sure we monitor all possible risks.

When is caching NOT recommended?

  • For pages that are almost entirely built using custom code sections

What pages are not eligible for caching?

  • Logged in pages (e.g., Library)

How to enable and disable caching?

To change your opt-in options for Lightning Loader:

  • From the Dashboard, click the Settings tab.
  • Under Account Settings, click Lightning Loader.

lightning loader

  • In the details of the Lightning Loader page, simply toggle on or off the caching abilities for your Website and Landing Pages.


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