How to add social links to your page

Learn how to embed an Add This widget on your Site or Page.

You can install social links on your Website (e.g., Pages and Blog Posts) using AddThis:

  • Choose a Share Button type to activate.
  • Customize the design and settings of the social link embed.
  • Copy the embed code provided by AddThis
  • Paste into the Header Page Scripts of your Site Details Settings.

To edit a specific Page:

  • Edit the code of the page you are working with by clicking .
  • Open the Templates folder.
  • Select the index.liquid folder.
  • Paste the HTML code snippet from AddThis right above the closing </body> tag.
  • Click save.
  • Preview the page to see your social links:

Access to the code editor is not required to utilize AddThis throughout your site. You can paste the same code into the Header Page Scripts in the Site Details of your Settings.

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