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Website Sales Analytics

Learn how Kajabi tracks your sales and where to review and collect this information.

You can view your Website analytics by clicking the Website and opening the Analytics section. Here, you can review and export data about your Offers, Sales, and Affiliates.

To access this data:

  • Go to the Website tab and open the Analytics section.
  • Here you will see your overall site analytics, Sales Reports, Affiliate Reports, and Marketing Reports.
  • Click on any of these reports to view and export the data:

Do you have more sales than what's being reported on your Analytics Dashboard?

This is because the Analytics Dashboard is linked to your Stripe account and will only report the currency you have set in Stripe account.

For example, my Stripe account is set to USD. I sell offers in USD and CAD currency. I sold a $1,000 USD offer and a $1,264.75 offer in CAD. Since my Stripe currency is set to USD, the Analytics Dashboard in Kajabi will only show $1,000 USD.

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