Guide to Split Testing

Learn how to conduct a Split Test to measure the effectiveness of your webpage and the variables within it.

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What is Split Testing?

Split testing, or A/B testing, is a method of measuring the effectiveness of different variables on a webpage. In short, Split Testing and A/B testing is like conducting a science experiment to improve a website metric like forms submitted, links clicked, and offers purchased.

Split testing and A/B testing are commonly used interchangeably.

Split testing compares two completely different versions of a webpage with two distinct URLs to determine which one page your site visitors respond to best.

A/B testing compares a constant version of a page to an alternate version of the page with small, variable changes similar to the constant version. This type of testing uses the same URL for all visitors to identify what variables in a webpage perform best.

Why use Split Testing or A/B Testing?

Split testing and A/B testing can improve your conversions, enhance your customer experience, and ultimately, provide insight on the performance of your site.

When are Split tests used?

Nearly every aspect of a webpage can be split tested. Even small, seemingly insignificant changes can, at times, yield surprising results. Some page elements that are typically tested include:

  • Calls to action: Button appearance, placement, and text
  • Copy and tone: Language, body content, and headlines
  • Imagery: Videos, testimonials, and images
  • Branding: Logos, colors, and page design.

How to Conduct an A/B or Split Test

  1. Research: Take a look at competitors in your industry to determine areas that may be improved with Split Testing.
  2. Hypothesis: Based on your reasoning and research, identify a possible explanation or conjecture to test. For example, Users aren't sure where to locate your Sales Page on the homepage; thus, if it were noticeably displayed on the header navigation menu, the conversion rate would increase.
  3. Identify the variable: Because a Split Test or A/B test is a form of a scientific experiment, it must be done with proper control variables to be conclusive. Identify your variables to be tested.
  4. Set your Parameters: To determine the length of time and volume of visitors needed for you to conduct a reliable test, use an A/B Test Calculator like Optimizely. All the website elements outside of the variable being tested must be kept identical to yield valid results.
  5. Conduct your Test: Use a Split Testing tool to begin your test and record your findings.

Split Testing in Kajabi

Although Kajabi does not natively conduct A/B tests, it can still support split testing. Essentially, you would need to create two versions of a page. These two versions would then be sent out via email or linked to different social media campaigns. After a period of time, take a look at your Analytics to compare stats.

First, create two versions of a single landing page.

To do so, create a control page and clone it. Use the cloned version to create your alternate page. Click here to learn how to clone your page.

Second, share your pages.

Copy the link of the original page:


Then, paste the link into different social media campaigns or email segments of your People. Repeat these steps to share the alternate version of your page.

Lastly, check the conversion rate.

After you have conducted the test over a period of time, check the conversion rate per page view.

  1. Open the Website tab from your dashboard and select Analytics.
  2. Click View in the Page Views box from the Analytics dashboard.
  3. In the Page View report, take a look at your analytics to determine the effectiveness of both versions of your page.

Split Testing Tools

Free Tools

Google Optimize is a free page testing tool to test variants of your landing pages and see how they perform. This is done by monitoring the outcome of your experiment and informs you of which variant performs best. Optimize offers both A/B and Split Testing tools and is natively integrated with Google Analytics to easily identify parts of your site that can improve your customer's experience. Learn more about the types of site tests available with Google Optimize here.

To get started with Optimize:


There are various paid split testing or A/B testing tools, but here are a couple that we recommend:

  • Optimizely is a paid web experimentation tool to run experiments across your website.
  • Visual Website Optimizer is a great tool to set up, design, and run A/B tests on your site.

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