Time Reveal

Time Reveal allows you to control when your guests can see specific content. For instance, if you have a 30-second long video on your page that automatically starts once the page is loaded, you can set up a Section to have an offset of 31 seconds, showing immediately after the video has finished.

Configuring the Time Reveal settings in a Section will impact all blocks contained in the Section. To set up an offset for a specific Block in a Section, click into the Block to configure Time Reveal in the Block Settings.

You also have the option to link the Section's Time Reveal to an event. You can apply this feature to Sections that reveal a timely sale.

Section Time Reveal

It is not necessary to link a Time Reveal to an event, Offset is the amount of time before revealing the Section. Offset and event can be used in conjunction or either independently. An example would be to show Call-to-Action or an Offer 10 seconds after the page has loaded.

To Edit the Time Reveal

  • In the sidebar, click a section.
  • Locate the Section Settings header and click Time Reveal.
  • Here you can customize when a section is made visible.
  • Choose an Event to determine when the section will appear or choose the Offset time and units.
  • Click Save to keep your changes.

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