How do I add a Google Font to my Premier Theme?

Learn how to add a specific Google font to your site.

Quick Guide

  1. Edit the code of the theme you wish to add the font to
  2. Open Config, then settings_schema.json
  3. Add your fonts to the Typography section
  4. Select your new fonts in the theme editor

Note: Click here to see Googles Fonts

Google Fonts can be added to Website Themes, Product Themes and Landing Page Themes.

First navigate to your Website Tab. Next, click on the 3 dots next to your Premier theme and choose " Edit Code". Click to open the Config folder, then click to open settings_schema.json and scroll to line 24 to find the Typography section.

Note: These line number may be different depending on your current settings

Notice the closed brackets on lines 51 and 60 :

Adding your font to the upper brackets will add your font as an option for the normal text on your site. Adding your font to the lower brackets will add your font as an option for the Header text on your site. If you would like to add this font as a Setting for both, make sure to complete the following steps for both places. Now, place your cursor in between the brackets and add curly brackets containing your font as shown below:

Then click Save and Customize your Theme. Click on your Settings tab, then click on the Typography section. Next, choose your new theme from the drop-down menus (They will appear first in the list). Then click Save and enjoy your new font!

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