With 20% more streamlined presets, intuitive settings, and even better design flexibility, the new Kajabi Pages has the right balance of simplicity and features to help you grow your business. In this quick start guide, we’ll cover what’s new in Kajabi Pages. This helps experienced Kajabi users quickly see what we’ve improved and updated.

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What’s New in Pages

Default Page Themes

Kajabi Pages now features more themes designed for specific uses. Whether you're growing an email list, offering a course, or just need a start for your homepage, there are themes waiting. Additionally, we've included more diverse designs in our themes to serve your unique styles.

scrolly boy

More Preset Sections

To help you build fully-integrated, powerful pages even faster, we’ve added more preset sections. You now have over 45 presets to choose from when adding new sections to your page.


Additionally, our preset sections are better organized and searchable within the Editor. This makes it fast and convenient to find the exact section you need for your page.


Learn more about Preset Sections

Highly Customizable Sections

New options allow you to customize your preset sections even more than before.

Background Options

You can now customize backgrounds with images (including fixed images), video or overlays.


Now, you have more control over how much space is between your sections or even individual blocks within sections. A convenient drop-down lets you select the general spacing of each section.

Or, if you want pixel-precise control, you can manually set your margin (the space outside your section/block) or padding (the space inside the section/block).


And if you want to reset your section from block to default spacing, just leave your values blank.

Learn more about Spacing

Column Width

Kajabi Pages has been rebuilt on a standard 12-column grid system. This gives you powerful flexibility to create layouts that look great, line up well, and create a pleasant experience for visitors.

Each section and block can be assigned a column width from 1 to 12. Or, if you want, blocks can be set on their own rows while still retaining a max column width.


Learn more about Column Width


One of the challenges of modern web design is creating pages that look great on any device. While big fonts might look great on a desktop, for example, giant typography can appear broken or hard-to-read on mobile devices.

The new Kajabi pages solves this by allowing you to control visibility by device type. You can now select for specific sections not to appear on desktop or mobile according to your needs.

Section Layout Mobile

Other new visibility options include having sections or blocks appear based on a timed reveal after an event or how much time has passed after the page loaded.

Learn more about Device Visibility or setting other visibility options.


Now you can add animations to sections and blocks. Select the type, direction, animation delay, and animation duration for each element to bring your pages to life.


Learn more about Animations.

Design Tools

You can turn on the new grid overlay while designing a page. This shows you the 12-column grid, helping make sure your layout looks right every time.

Learn more about Design Tools.

Even More Advanced Settings for Blocks

Depending on the type of block you’re using, we’ve added additional settings. These include: - Control over button radius - Simplified event block - Box shadow - Coding blocks Discover these as you explore the new blocks!

Learn more about Block Settings.

Custom Sections

Finally, if you don’t see the exact section preset you need, it’s simple to create a custom section. Combine images, text, video, forms, calls to action and more… there’s no limit to how you can combine blocks into your custom section.

Learn more about Custom Sections.

Improved Header Customization

You asked, we listened: it’s now simple to add navigation dropdowns and page announcements in your header.

Learn more about Header Customization.

Other Changes

The updates to Pages aren’t just what you’ll see – they’re behind the scenes as well.

Lightning Loader

Lightning Loader provides local caching so visitors experience blazing fast load times on your pages. This provides a better user experience that could help improve engagement and conversion rates.

Learn more about Lightning Loader.

Questions? Need Help? Feedback? We’re here for you! Log in to Kajabi and contact our support team if you have any feedback or want some help getting the most out of the new Kajabi Pages.

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