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Using bulk actions in the People tab

Learn how to use bulk actions on your contact list.

To toggle the bulk action options in the People tab:

  • Use the checkbox selection tool (select all contacts or choose them individually)
  • Click the Actions drop down.
  • Select a bulk action to run:


  • Grant an Offer in bulk
  • Revoke an Offer in bulk

Email Sequences

  • Subscribe to an Email Sequence in bulk
  • Unsubscribe from an Email Sequence in bulk


  • Register to an Event in bulk
  • Deregister from an Event in bulk


  • Add tags in bulk
  • Remove tags in bulk


  • Export a .CSV of your entire list or a segmented selction.


  • Unsubscribe users from all marketing email communication in bulk.


Use extreme caution and discretion when bulk deleting. Do not run the action until you are absolutely certain there is no other way to accomplish your goal. Once a contact is deleted, we cannot restore them.
  • Permanently remove contacts in bulk.

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