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When someone visits your site for the first time, how can you encourage them to return? One proven, effective way is to build your email list.

An Exit Popup appears on a user's screen when they try to leave your site. On this popup, you can include any of the following:

  • A message
  • An email opt-in
  • A coupon code

...Or whatever else you'd like to share.

How to Add an Exit Popup

Adding an Exit Popup is easy.

  • Click on the Settings tab in the Page Editor Sidebar.
  • Select Exit Popup:


Here you can customize your Exit Popup.

To view the Pop up while editing:

  • Click the Edit Exit Popup checkbox.


To Enable the Popup on your page:

  • Click the Enable Exit Popup checkbox.


In the side bar you can also customize the Frequency of the Popup, only showing the Popup to returning visitors after a selected amount of days.

Customize the Timed Reveal, to have the popup show after the visitor has been on for a slected amount of seconds.


The Popup will show on intent to exit the page or when the timer finishes, whichever occurs first.

In the side bar you can:

  • add an opt-in Form


  • add an Image or Video


  • display Video Player Controls


  • customize the Text

B42D3812-03FE-42E6-A468-535FDCC026B0 - configure the Popup CTA Button


  • edit the Background Settings


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