How to add Disqus comments to your Blog Posts

Learn how to add Disqus comments to all of your Blog Posts.

Quick Guide

  1. Create a Disqus account and click Install on Site.
  2. Install manually using universal code.
  3. Copy the code and paste it under Templates > blog_post.liquid
  4. Click save and enjoy!

In order to add Disqus comments to a page, you will need to be able to access the theme editor. Theme editor access is only available on our Pro plan. You can view our different plans here.

Adding Disqus Comments

Disqus is a comment hosting service that makes it easy to moderate comments and gauge engagement. We use Disqus here at Kajabi HQ and recommend it to all of our users:

  • First, Create a Disqus account. Next, click on the admin dropdown and hit "Install on Site":

Click "Install on Site"

  • Choose to install manually with a Universal Code:

Install manually

  • Copy the entire code shown in the first step to your clipboard:

Be Sure to copy the entire code!

  • In Kajabi, go to the Website tab from the dashboard. Under the Design section click the Manage Themes button:

Click the Manage Themes button.

  • Hit the "..." on the theme you are working with and click Edit Code:

Edit Code

  • Open the Templates folder and click on blog_post.liquid. Paste the universal Disqus code on line 9:

  • You should now have a Disqus comments section at the bottom of all your Blog Posts:

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