Offers Sold Report (beta)

With the Offers Sold Report, you can understand what offers were sold (or purchased) in a given time frame. This will help you analyze when offers are performing best and why. Here's the good part, this means you can measure the response to your marketing such as the impact of an Event on your sales or the volume generated as a result of your social media campaigns by identifying the offers purchased around the date of your event or marketing campaigns.
This feature is currently in beta and is being tested by a select group of Kajabi users. If you have questions or concerns about this feature please don't hesitate in reaching out to

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To View your Offers Sold Report

  • Open the Website tab from your dashboard and select Analytics.
  • Click View in the Offers Sold box from the analytics dashboard:


Filter your Offers Sold report by:

  • Payment Type
  • Currency
  • Offer

To Filter your report use the dropdown menu in the sidebar to select your filters and click Apply:


Understanding Your Offers Sold Report

Offers Sold indicates the total number of offers purchased, including both first purchases and regular purchases.


First Purchase vs. Regular Purchases

Discerning between First Purchases and Regular Purchases is essential to understanding how much of your revenue is coming from existing members or new members.

  • First Purchases: Of the total Offers Sold, the First Purchase contains the number of first-time purchases made by new members.
  • Regular Purchases: A purchase made by a current member of your site that has previously purchased an offer on your site.

Return customers are huge for your business because it demonstrates the belief your existing customers have in your products and services and their loyalty to you and your brand.

Understanding the patterns of your existing customers can give you insight into the lifetime value of gaining a new customer. For example, if your total Offers Sold in a given time frame is considerably higher than your First Purchases made, this can mean that your existing customers - and in turn, your new customers - are more likely to return and purchase from you again and again.

Offer Payment Types

When creating Offers in Kajabi, you have the option to select from four different payment types:

  • Free
  • Single Payment
  • Multiple Payments
  • Recurring Subscription

The Offers Sold Report displays the analytics for One-Time Payment Offers, Multiple Payment Offers (Multi-Pay Offer), and Recurring Subscriptions.

Multiple Payment (Multi-Pay Offers) and Recurring Subscription Offers

  • Multi-Pay Offers display the full sales amount (with the inclusion of any setup fees) on the first date of purchase in the Offers Sold Report. To look at actual sales amounts use the Net Revenue report.
  • Recurring Subscription Offers reflect the date of purchase as the Start Date and the Sales amount displays the one-month charge of the Recurring Subscription Offer. Take a look at the Subscription Metrics report for a deeper understanding of your Recurring Subscription Type Offers.

The Multiple Payment and Recurring Subscription types are denoted by an asterisk (*) in your report.

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Are Free Offers included?

Free Offers are not included in this report because there are no transactions accompanying Free Offers.

What if I change my Offer Payment Type to be a Free Offer?

If the Offer was initially set with a payment but is later updated to a Free Offer, purchases that occur when the initial Offer is set (the Offer with a payment) will be displayed in the Offers Sold Report. After the Offer is updated to a Free Offer, the purchases that occur following the update will not appear in the report.

If the first purchase is a subscription offer and the next offer purchased by that same member is a one-time payment offer, the one-time payment offer purchased will be added to the total amount under "Offers Sold", but not the amount under "First Purchase" in the Offers Sold Report.

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