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PayPal Integration Troubleshooting

Learn how to solve basic issues with your PayPal integration.

In this article:

API Credentials

A crucial step in setting up your PayPal integration is making sure you are using the Live API Credentials and not the Sandbox API Credentials. The Live API Credentials will be used for your PayPal integration. It will not be possible to integrate successfully when using the Sandbox API Credentials.

Create App button is greyed out

Sometimes the Create App button will be unclickable or greyed out for a period of time after creating your PayPal Business account.

Don't worry! The Create App option will be available after 24 hours or perhaps sooner.

Please reach out to PayPal's support if you have further issues with this. You can reach them here:

Sandbox Account status error

You will need to have an active Sandbox Account in order to complete the PayPal integration.


There is not currently a way to fix this on our end.

You will need to reach out to PayPal's customer support in order to resolve this issue. You can reach them here:


The CANNOT_FIND_PROFILE_DESC error is triggrered by an outdated Offer. This error usually comes up when using an Offer that was created before we released our native PayPal integration. The error will look like this:


An easy fix for this issue would be to recreate or Clone the offer throwing you the error. Use the freshly cloned Offer on your sales pages and your users should be able to complete their purchase without issue.

If this does not help solve the issue please don't hesitate to reach out on our 24/7 Live Chat or send a help request to

PayPal payment modal disappears

This error has to do with how you have your PayPal account set up. This is usually caused by not having subscriptions enabled in your PayPal business account.


You'll need to go to this link: and enable subscription payments in your account.

If enabling subscriptions does not keep the payment modal from disappearing you will need to reach out to PayPal's customer support in order to resolve this issue. You can reach them here:

PayPal seller protection

You learn what is covered and what is not covered under PayPal's seller protection plan here:

Intangible purchases like services, digital goods, etc. are not covered by PayPal.

Contact support or access our 24/7 Live Chat:

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