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The difference between Members and Contacts

Learn what Members and Contacts are and how they are defined in your Kajabi admin area.

In this article:

What is a Member?

A Member is a user who has completed a purchase or has been granted an Offer on your site. They will be created as a Member and receive the Purchase Confirmation Email as well as the Member Welcome Email containing their login credentials.

What is a Contact?

A Contact is a user who has opted-in through a Form on your site or has been imported to your list without access to a Product. Essentiall, they are users who have not purchased anything from your site and have not created a Member account, however, they are still housed on your Kajabi list and available to receive marketing emails.

What is considered an active Member

Active Members are users that have logged into their accounts and registered activity (completed a course, opted-in, etc.) in the past 30 days.

Different Kajabi subscriptions allow certain amounts of Active Members on your site. You can see how many your plan allows [here][1].

We realize that usage will have peaks and lulls. The majority of users will never have reason to be concerned with their number of Active Members.

In the event that you are exceeding the number of Active Members allowed for your plan, we will contact you to discuss upgrade options. We will not block your site from accepting new members without first discussing plan options.

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