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How to use segments in Kajabi

Learn how to create custom lists of customers based on filters in the People tab.

In this article:

Default Segments

There are 3 default segments we've added to the people tab that will always be visible for ease of use: All, Members, Subscribed

  • A view of all of your People — this includes both Members and Contacts.
  • A Member view for only users who have purchased something from your site.
  • A Subscriber view which will show all users who have opted-in to receive any kind of emails from you:

Custom Segments

To create and save a custom Segment:

  • Open the People tab.
  • Add a filter to your list of contacts (You can stack multiple filters to create an even more specific segment).
  • Click Save Segment.
  • Your custom segment will be added as a new tab at the top of the People section:

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