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Adding sales tax to your offers

Learn how to add sales tax to your Kajabi offers.

Kajabi does not have a native solution for adding sales tax to your offers.

One option would be to include the tax percentage in your overall Offer price. If you sell to different states/countries, you can always create multiple offers with the respective tax percentage in the Offer price. Just make sure to include the state/country name within each offer.

Another option would be to integrate your Stripe account with Quaderno. Here is a guide on how to get started with Quaderno:

If you'd like to void the Kajabi checkout and have your customers checkout entirely on Quaderno allowing you to automatically calculate sales tax into the purchase total:

  • Open the Page Builder under the Website tab in the dashboard.
  • Create a new page that will be used as your Quaderno checkout page.
  • Paste the Quaderno checkout embed code in the source code of the section you're using.
  • Save your changes:

  • Open the Website tab and click the customize button next to the Store page.
  • Select the Store Builder section from the sidebar.
  • Click Add Content and choose Custom Card.
  • Under Card Action select "Go to a Landing Page" and choose the page that will act as your Quaderno checkout page.
  • Save & preview:

Using Quaderno as your primary checkout method will nullify any stats tracking or system reporting around sales in Kajabi.

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