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Choosing Your Niche

Define which market you want to serve using your existing knowledge and passions.

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You’ve probably heard “niche” described in many different ways: your industry, your market, your future customers, etc. What it ultimately boils down to is that your niche is the specific group of people you are going to serve… and the very first step you’re going to take is identifying and selecting this group.

Once you do that, everything else will follow suit. Don’t worry, it’s going to be a fun process! Also, don’t overthink this as a permanent decision that forsakes all other types of decisions. You may (and probably will) serve many kinds of markets over the life of your business... but today’s goal is to choose the first niche.

Let’s start with an easy exercise

For each of the questions below, you’ll want to make a list of potential niches. We’ve even added some descriptions and ideas meant to get your creative juices flowing. For now, just write down as many as you can. Ready? Thought so.

1. What do I know / What life experience do I have?


This is an area that many Kajabi users have found success. Your career has likely represented a huge section of time in your life, and you’re likely an expert at what you do. You’ve found ways to get to the desired result faster, and when a new employee or team member starts, your wisdom can help them do things better, faster, with less stress. There’s likely a lot of opportunities for you to re-engineer your work experience into knowledge people would gladly purchase.


Another great way to explore potential niches is your education. When you look back over your time in college, high school, or even grade school, what areas held your excitement or attention? Were there subjects that you got excited about, and then were set aside as you jumped into your career? Or were there areas of your education that helped shape your career path and you can reawaken them to serve a new niche?


When you look at all of the experiences in your life, which stand out as potential niches that you could be passionate about? Are there areas of experience that your friends and family perpetually ask you about for your insights and wisdom? Were there experiences, such as traveling, brewing craft beers, fishing, hiking, or anything else that awakened an area of intense interest? An equally powerful but often overlooked area for potential niches is your life experience when things all went wrong. Are there areas in your life that are marked by tremendous challenge or hardship, and after you made it through you had insights and ideas that you wish you had during the challenge? Can you turn those low points into resources for others that are experiencing the same challenge? Can you share the wisdom you gained or the techniques that worked that you wished you had tried sooner?

2. What am I passionate about?


This is a great potential treasure trove of ideas for niches and since it’s already a hobby, you’ve already got the passion side! Whether it’s pinewood derby racing techniques, cookie recipes, fitness or sports, there are countless areas that can build a great niche. The nice part about hobbies is you already likely know the areas fellow hobbyists hang out, and what they are like to buy.

Side-jobs or Projects

This would be something along the lines of developing software in the evening after your day job, or potentially wood-working and selling on Etsy. Something that could be a hobby, but you’re pursuing it with a potential profit motive. Whether you choose your niche based on your life experience, or an area of interest/hobby, we’ve found that most successful people have one thing in common in the world of selling what you know online… They’re EXCITED about what they’re building.

We know that for many of you, it may seem like the first step is choosing a niche that you see as lucrative or large, even if you don’t actually have an interest or passion in that market. We’ve seen so many people simply say, “I’m going to sell a product on weight-loss, or how to make money online” because they’ve seen others have success selling those products. Trust us. Your excitement over your niche is the ULTIMATE advantage. It's what's going to keep you going through the rough days that are not as fun when building your online business.

If you’re still having challenges finding a niche, or you’ve got too many cool ideas and don’t know what to start with, join the Kajabi Mastermind group on Facebook. There are 6,000+ active Kajabi users that are all supporting each other, and we know they’d love to help you select your niche. You’ll even see us in there too! Let’s pick that niche! Once you pick your niche, the fun is just beginning.

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