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Premier Theme Overview

With so many sections to choose from, this overview video will go through each one and provide a general synopsis of what each section is capable of.

With so many sections to choose from, this overview video will go through each one and provice a general synopsis of what each section is capable of:

Sections Descriptions
Accordion Compile a list of FAQ's or general information you want to share with your users.
Assessment Collect information from your users or test their knowledge using one of your Assessments.
Blog Posts Show recent posts from your Blog in reverse chronological order.
Countdown Timer Use this section to show when an event is going to begin or to countdown to an offer expiration date.
Call To Action A response button that can redirect the user to a page, offer checkout, trigger a download, open a two step optin, or lead to any url.
Custom Content Use this section to create your own layout—add text, images, videos, a call to action, or enter your own custom code.
Facebook Comments Add a comment section that will be linked to the user’s Facebook account.
Event Showcase an upcoming Event using a countdown timer or a call to action leading to the registration page.
Event Video Use this section to host your Event Video and curate the experience before, during, and after the Event.
Features An overview of specific items using visuals and text.
Heading A simple and clean area to title or preface the other sections of your page.
Hero Use this section to introduce users to the purpose or goal of your page.
Image Add a visual to showcase your brand or product.
Image Gallery Add multiple visuals to showcase your brand or product.
Link List A series of links shown in addition to the navigation link list in the header.
YouTube Live Use this section to stream via YouTube Live while simultaneously offering a live chat feature.
Logo List A series of logos—this section is often used to feature different agencies or companies you have worked with.
Multi Video Launch Use this section to showcase a series of videos marketing a product launch or new offer.
Offers Create Offer cards that link to your checkout page.
Opt-In Form Collect the names and email addresses from your users.
Opt-in Form Bar A different style of lead collection with more opportunity to describe and entice.
Pricing Options Use this section to outline whats included with different subscription plans or pricing options
Showcase Grab attention and show off your product or service with this section.
Slideshow Add visuals to bring attention to your different products and offers.
Social Cards Use this section to link to your different social media pages.
Spacer A section to create space and organize content.
Testimonials Add praise from your users and reviews of your product or service.
Text Use this section to describe your products or services.
Text & Image Pair text with an image to illustrate a particular feature, benefit, or product.
Video Upload a video to show case your brand or product.
Video Embed Use this section to embed videos hosted on other services like Vimeo and YouTube.

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