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By breaking up your opt-in form into steps, you can leverage human psychology to encourage signups. Simply put, audiences are sometimes more willing to take an action when it is broken into "chunks."

Kajabi's Two Step Opt-in is an easy-to-use alternative to traditional opt-in popups. Plus, it's flexible. You can use it to show text, video and more – all to grow your audience.

How to Set Up A Two Step Opt-in

  • Click "Customize" on an existing landing page or website page.
  • Add a button or CTA to your page and then open button settings. Then select "Open a Two Step Opt-in" as the CTA action.
  • Navigate to the sidebar and click the Settings tab.
  • Select Two Step Optin from the sidebar.
  • Toggle on "Edit Two Step Popup" to display the popup as you edit, but remember to uncheck when you're done.
  • Customize the Two Step Opt-in Popup.
  • Save and preview the page.


Customize your Two Step Popup

Editing your Two Step Popup allows you to adjust the look and feel of the Popup.

  • Two Step Media can be used to add a video or clickable image to your popup. Simply select the media type and select the image or video you would like displayed.
  • Video Player Controls can be configured to show controls upon page load, choose to autoplay a muted video when the page loads, or display a play button when autoplay is disabled or display a volume badge when autoplay is enabled. Additionally, you can choose to allow your viewers to watch the video in fullscreen, display a small play button in the left corner of the video, display a playbar to provide your viewer with a visual timeline of the video, and choose to display video settings like quality control and playback rate.
  • Popup CTA Button can be customized to infuse your brand and personality to the Button Text, configure the background color and button text color, and customize the Button Width, Style, and Button Border Radius.
  • Two Step Background allows you to customize the Background color of the Popup and the Popup Border Radius.

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