How to Automatically Tag a User based on their Form Response

Learn how to use and why to use Conditionals in Automations.

Conditionals in the Automations infrastructure will allow you to add the "If" condition to all of your Automations. For instance, say you want to add a tag to all users who have submitted through a Form, but ONLY IF they answered a specific question on that Form with a specific answer.

An example: You're creating a customer color survey to find out what is the most common favorite color among your customers.

  • Create a Form with a custom field asking "What is your favorite color?"
  • Add answers for them to choose from or leave it open for discussion:

Now, add the Automation directly from the Form edit page or from the Automations dashboard under the marketing tab:

  • Click Add Automation
  • The "When" will already be filled out if you are creating the Automation from the Form edit page.
  • Choose your "Then" action. In this example we will be using the Add Tag action.
  • Next, add your condition. Here, we only want to tag users with the "Blue" tag if they chose Blue as their favorite color.
  • Hit save:

This same Automation can be created and configured in the Automations dashboard under the Marketing tab.

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