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A Multi-Video Launch is a set of videos with the viewability based on a set date and time. This is useful when you would like to release a series of videos onto your site. This set of videos will show viewers what was previously released, the currently live video, and what will be available upon the next release (this will be explained further in the States explanation). Learn to add a Multi-Video Launch to a landing page.

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Adding a Multi-Video Launch block to your page will display an interactive image to showcase and lead your visitors to separate pages containing your Videos. Simply configure the Image Action located in the Multi-Video Launch block sidebar editor.

Add and Remove a Multi Video Launch block

To add a Multi Video Launch block:

  • Click the section you want to edit or create a new one.
  • In the sidebar, select Add Content.
  • From the list, select Multi Video Launch.
  • Your newly created Multi Video Launch block will generate at the bottom of the section.
  • Click Save to keep your changes:


To remove a Multi Video Launch block:

  • In your Page, hover over the existing Multi Video Launch and click Edit.
  • In the sidebar, scroll to the bottom and click Delete This Block.
  • Click Save to keep your changes:

Customize your Multi Video Launch block:

In a Multi Video Launch block, configure the width of the block, select the Image displayed, specify an Image Action, customize the state of the image, and edit the label and text in the block.


  • In your Page, hover over the existing Multi Video Launch you want to edit and click Edit.
  • Navigate to the sidebar and select the number of columns to adjust the width of the Multi Video Launch block:


Select Image

Select the Image displayed in the block:

  • In your Page, click the Multi Video Launch block to access the editor.
  • In the sidebar, click Select Image.
  • From the dropdown menu, click Upload a New File or Select a Recent File to select the image.
  • Select the image you want displayed and click Save to keep your changes:


Image Action

Selecting an Image Action triggers an action after the image is clicked. The Image Action can be used to:

  • Lead a visitor to a custom Landing Page
  • Lead to a sale by going to a Checkout Page
  • Encourage your audience to download a file
  • Lead to any website page with a URL link
  • Open a Two-Step Optin Popup
  • And act as an anchor link to lead to a section of the page


Configure the image displayed to be Clickable, Active, or Locked.

  • Clickable: If you configured an Image Action, selecting Clickable as the State will make it so that your Image triggers the Action as specified by the Image Action.
  • Active: The Image is in a Static state in which a visitor cannot click it, but the image is not greyed out as it is when Locked.
  • Locked: Selecting Locked will make your Image unclickable and greyed out.


Customize the text displayed above the Title.


Customize the Text immediately above the Image.

Block Settings

To adjust the look and feel of the Multi Video Launch, configure your Block Settings by customizing the Background, Desktop and Mobile Layout, Animations, and Time Reveal.

Configure your Block Settings:

  • Hover over the block you want to customize and click Edit.
  • Configure your Block Settings in the sidebar.
  • Click Save to keep your changes:


Select a background color, adjust the Border Radius to create a rounded or squared border, and select the Box Shadow size.

Desktop Layout

Configure the layout of the Block displayed on a Desktop device. Hide the block, adjust the Text Alignment, customize the padding inside and outside the Block, remove the padding altogether, and adjust the placement of the block.

Mobile Layout

Configure the layout of the Block displayed on a Mobile device by choosing to hide or display the block, adjust the Text Alignment, and customize the padding inside and outside the Block.


Create visual effects by configuring the animations settings for the block. Select the type, direction, delay, and duration of your animation.

Time Reveal

The Time Reveal setting allows you to offset the time before the content in a block is revealed after a visitor enters the page.

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