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How to use Kajabi with Segment

Segment is an API that allows you to collect customer data and send it to hundreds of tools for analytics, marketing, and data warehousing. Learn more about Segment here.

Note : A new Segment Project (Legacy Source) should be made for each Kajabi Site.

In new Kajabi, Segment can be used to track data on the following actions for logged in members:

  • Viewed Blog
  • Viewed Blog Post
  • Viewed Categories
  • Viewed Category
  • Viewed Landing Page
  • Viewed Post
  • Viewed Product
  • Viewed Sales Page

To set up the native Segment integration in new Kajabi, you'll need to complete the following steps:

  • First, you'll want to head into the "Settings" tab in your dashboard, click into Third Party Integrations and toggle on the Segment integration.

segment integration

  • Once you've enabled your Segment integration you will be prompted to enter your Segment API key. This can be found under the Settings for the Project you're setting up. 


  • To get here, head into Sources > Source Name > Overview and click "Copy" next to the " Write Key" field. 


  • With your Key copied, head back into your Kajabi Integrations page and paste the key into the " API Key" field and click "Save" at the top.


You will receive confirmation that your integrations were successfully updated, and you'll be ready to start using Segment.

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